Last night our perception of reality changed after we took our first bites of the Impossible Burger at Umami Burger. It’s a vegan burger that… get this… tastes and bleeds like a meat burger! 😱

We’re far enough into our plant-based journey that we don’t miss or crave foods like cheese or meat. Naturally, though, many plant-based recipes are inspired by or modified from meat and dairy recipes—we’ve made a few like Dairy-Free Blueberry Cheesecake and vegan burgers.

When family visits, finding a restaurant everyone will enjoy can be difficult, so when we were invited to try the Impossible Burger at Umami Burger, we didn’t hesitate… and we weren’t disappointed!

What is the Impossible Burger?

The Impossible Burger itself is a plant-based patty creatively dubbed, “the burger formerly known as plants.” It’s texture comes from wheat and potato proteins, while its sizzle on the grill comes from coconut oil.

Impossible Burger Close-UpIts ground beef color and flavor come from something called “leghemoglobin,” or heme, harvested from the roots of soy plants. If you want to know more about the science behind it, check out the Impossible Foods website.

Our favorite part about the burger, though, was the sustainability behind it. According to Impossible Foods, making an Impossible Burger vs. a beef patty uses 95% less land, 87% lower greenhouse gas emissions and 74% less water!

That’s something even our most meat-crazy friends should be able to get behind.

Impossible Burger Sustainability Graphic

Umami Burger’s Impossible Burger

While the Impossible Burger isn’t exclusive to Umami Burger, the double patty, classic American-style creation and slider trio we enjoyed there were. The slider trio was created in partnership with Jaden Smith. It came with mini Impossible, Korean BBQ and U-BBQ versions.

Given our plant-based situation, we asked for the vegan versions of each, and the kitchen happily prepared us lettuce-wrapped, cheese-less version of each. We sadly couldn’t have the Korean BBQ slider because one of its sauces contained bonito flakes and another was egg-based, so we got to U-BBQs, instead.

Impossible Burger at Umami Burger

On the side we got the thinnest shoestring French fries we think we’ve ever eaten, as well as some tempura battered onion rings. Yum!

If you happen to be at this weekend’s Northwestern or Bears football games, keep an eye out for the familiar scent of burgers coming from the less familiar Impossible Burger. The Impossible Foods team is apparently on tour and handing out freebies to tailgaters.

Would you try this meatless masterpiece? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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